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Series: The Art of Home . . . Intentional + Inspired Living

Simply be . . . . yourself . . . . .at home.
Leave the work and worries at the door.
Breath deep. One time . . again . . . and again.
Give heartfelt hellos to loved ones . . . and pets.
Slow down. . . . Relax . . . . take your shoes off.
Turn off your phone. . . Play some music.. . and
You’ve begun your Human Energy Recharge.

Welcome the series on the Art of Home. For my spring break, no travel plans. Just staying at home and popping out a series of articles around all aspects of the Art of Home, intentional and inspired living in YOUR space. Everyone has a space that they call their own no matter how grand or significant it is – it’s yours. Read more


Home on the Yoga Mat

Mine is purple, made of jute and recycled rubber and a gift from a yogi friend. When my mat is cold, my hands and feet slide in Downward Dog. This mat needs to warm up, mimicking me at the start of a yoga practice. I love my yoga mat because it reminds me of the simplest expression of home. The four corners define my space. It is the essence of what I need to sit, lay or stand for some period of time.

I have a yoga instructor who says, “What you need to worry about is only you and your mat, everything else around you is none of your business.” There are times I have been to that class where you are packed in like sardines. Yes, I worry about how we are all going to “Flip the Dog” and not clobber your neighbor from legs flying through the air. And the guy next to me seems to be breathing particularly loud today. How will I focus? Read more