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Series: The Art of Home . . . Intentional + Inspired Living

Simply be . . . . yourself . . . . .at home.
Leave the work and worries at the door.
Breath deep. One time . . again . . . and again.
Give heartfelt hellos to loved ones . . . and pets.
Slow down. . . . Relax . . . . take your shoes off.
Turn off your phone. . . Play some music.. . and
You’ve begun your Human Energy Recharge.

Welcome the series on the Art of Home. For my spring break, no travel plans. Just staying at home and popping out a series of articles around all aspects of the Art of Home, intentional and inspired living in YOUR space. Everyone has a space that they call their own no matter how grand or significant it is – it’s yours. Read more


Ten Minutes of HOMEage

As we finish up the year of 2011, many people wonder what their new “resolution” should be for the year 2012. In the Mayan world, there was talk about the end of the world, as we know it in 2012. Perhaps, that is the new resolution for you and your surroundings, “as we know it.”

In the world of Feng Shui, the Chinese 2,000 year old study of human life and their environment. there are a few overall principles. The one that most resonates with me is the principle that “all things are alive”. This means that all people, animals, plants, things have vital energy in our world. You might quickly dismiss this notion of “all things are alive” but what does that look like in your home, your sanctuary? Read more

Yin your Yang Space

Is your room balanced? Do you have too much Yang material or too little? Do you even know? Ideally, a balanced room is one you naturally gravitate towards and feel good when you are in it. In the world of Feng Shui, the masculine and female are presented through color, size, texture, and composition. Unknowingly, you might prefer materials that are more Yang than Yin or vice versa. To bring a room together like a fine symphony, you want a representation of both the masculine and feminine, for what would Mozart’s Symphony #29 be like if only played with the bass and oboe but no violins? Read more