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About Anna Teeples

I come from a family of artisans. My grandmother was an excellent chef, filling us daily with homemade cinnamon rolls and cookies. My mother was the proud seamstress of the loud red and blue flower pants that I wore every chance I could during some 1970’s year I wish to forget. My older brother, a nature photographer hobbyist,  is an artistic and talented builder of residential homes.

Time escapes in my art studio as I tackle a wide range of creative outlets. Wood panel painting of glazes and encaustic, collages, large-scale abstracts and popular selling beeswax painted hearts. Sometimes the neighborhood girls come in for a day of art-camp. Writing over the years has lead to my favorite question. If I asked you to describe the meaning of life in One Word, what would you word be?

In January 2010, launched. One simple single all telling elegant word. My goal was to collect ten thousand words in one hundred days. It didn’t actually work as planned but in one year, I collected over 1,000 words from 27 countries.  Sometimes a person would ask me, “Why do you want to know?” Yes, part of my desire is simple fascination of words but my true wish is to be a pebble in someone’s inner pond. It’s part of recharging the inner spirit. When I ask you “What’s your One Word for Life, does it wake you up inside?”

I spent almost a year in Italy and wondered how do I bottle up and take back the art, the architecture, the daily simplicity and the vibrancy of personal expression, waving of hands and shouting mammas. In my design work, I end up focusing on ways to use the home and it’s surroundings to restore tired souls. Flow, balance, things that people love are all topics that are repeated over and over again. This is the collection of tips and tid-bits on topics like  home ideas, energy restoration, human recharging, design confidence, solution simplicity. I also like to share with you my quirky finds, and musings of designs that work and those that don’t.

I study and practice life daily.

It’s a journey.

I hope you enjoy Recharge and Restore.

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