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Simply @Home, The Art of Home Part Two

I worked for a company once that created a product that did not fit into a defined market segment of the time. They were not Product A market segment exactly, nor were they Product B’s market segment either. They had solved the “problem” different and came up with Product C which the industry did not track ~nor like because it did not fit into THEIR box.  One of the corporate goals was to create  a market segment for their product. It took five years but they did. Now, there are many players in that new and competitive market.

I feel that way when I try to explain what the Art of Home really is to people. It’s not just about home interiors, designs and decorating. Not that segment. And it’s not entirely focused on our self-care, inner being and wellness either. Not that segment. So to me it’s that same dilemma of creating a new term, a new something. Thus the art of home. It’s about both the inner and outer world of that place we call home.

To help illustrate more on the Art of Home, I am focusing this article on being Simply @Home. Simply @ Home and ways to approach it.

1. CREATE IT – In Italy in1986, Carlo Petrini was appalled that McDonald’s was opening their first location in Rome across from the Spanish Steps. He started a group opposed to “fast,” thus the Slow Food movement started. Think about this when it comes to home. How much has home changed since you were growing up? Did you eat together as a family then? And now? And how much was the television then? Compared to now?  How much is there videos and Wii playtime? So, Create Slow Home. Declare it an electronic free zone, make meals at home, read, exercise and connect . . . talk + share + laugh and enjoy. Go back a little bit in time to how home use to be, the good ways of home. Try it out for one week.

My personal truth on this: I do like to unplug from TV and cells. Unplugging from the internet is another thing but a good challenge to limit and go internet-free for a week. Here’s to no surfing-week! I wonder what I will do with all the extra time.

One of my courtyard garden areas.

2. INSPIRE IT – Where do you get your ideas for your space? Watching HGTV? Going to home tours and open houses? Other people’s houses? Magazines? All good places to gather ideas.  I would guess that most of us have seen that house, interior or furnishing and then, tucked away a little thought of inspiration for our own homes. If you are truly driven, you might already have your own Pinterest Idea board. I have two boards just for these topics – One My Style:  and the other more specific: For My Home just so I can capture ideas on the go. But what do you do with all the inspiring thoughts that you are filing away? .

This reminds me of weddings. Yes – weddings. Whenever one of my mother’s four children got engaged, she would turn to my father and say, “Dear, it’s time we did a spruce up on the house before all the out of town guest arrive.” That’s when the inspiration and ideas finally went into action. The gap to grandchildren weddings is wide so Mom has found a different demarcation line to initiate attention to home.

Well, the point is, it’s now. Now is the time to be inspired to do a little spruce up at home. Don’t wait. Sometimes, ten or even twenty years can slip by before you notice that the walls need painting, the couch replaced,  and so on. Don’t wait, find one thing to do now for your home that’s one of your dreams or inspirations. You’ll be immediately happy

My personal truth on this: I have an art show once a year in my gardens surrounding the house. It’s that time and I am in midst of gardeners trimming, planting, and re-vitalizing The handymen are here too; they are repairing, power-spraying and painting. It’s that time of year again and I love it!

Sitting in the back courtyard @Home.

3. BE IT – This week, one of my friends introduced me to a topic  from one of his relative’s email. The Guardian (UK) article written on Feb, 1st has quickly become one of the most shared links around the world. Bronnie Ware is a nurse in Australia who tends to patients in the last 12 weeks of their lives. Over time she has collected and shared in her recently released book, the Top Five Regrets of the Dying, her observations from the patients. I will not summarize the book for you but I will share with you one regret that our current day over-achieving culture fails to demonstrate,  honor and reward.

I wish I hadn’t worked so hard. 

“This came from every male patient that I nursed. They missed their children’s youth and their partner’s companionship. All of the men I nursed deeply regretted spending so much of their lives on the treadmill of a work existence.”

My personal truth on this: I strongly believe in the work-life balance concept. What becomes challenging is the notion that the office can be anywhere. How often do I finish work for the day and later that night find myself online “working.” The excuse is that I enjoy what I do. In reality, I could do a lot of other things too.

So, the keep it Simply @Home practice is to create, inspire and be there. That’s it. Create Home. Inspire A Home. Be In Home. Do it now, leave the work behind. Go rest, play, feed some birds and get spicy!

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