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Accent with Walls, Expressing the Art of Home: Part One

When I left my career in high tech, I told my tax accountant that I was going to start a business space designing. She asked, “Oh, you mean, like designing spaceships and things?” No, my destination was definitely here on earth getting inspired by the four walls, floor and ceiling that make up a volume of space. When it comes to adding a personal flavor in your space, I am a big believer in making the usual look a little unusual or more interesting. So here are some ideas on how to take the thing in the back drop and make it come alive in your space.

1. Consider your wall as a blank canvas – Be Bold: Create, Play, Think Outside the Box. I particularly like the removable wall decals from Urban Walls found on Etsy. I know my favorite sister is getting for her new home as a house warming present! Love the creativity and courageous effort of one homeowner, Charlie Kratzer – general counsel by day and wall artisan at night,  did with one Sharpie. Let me repeat a Sharpie pen. Check out his entire basement and the interesting work he has done.

2. Think Color. The beauty of paint, it’s relatively cheap and easy to change compared to surfaces that are more difficult to swap like tile. So have fun with it. Eve Ashcraft is referred to as the Paint Whisper by the NY Times, In her new book, The Right Color, she covers workable color palettes and interesting ways to explore color from room to room.  If you really want to be IN, try painting a room or wall this year’s color. Times Union Magazine reports THE color is Wyeth Blue.

3. Go Green,- Reuse something, Grow It or Recycle. OK, maybe not as practical as some of the other ideas but these walls will definitely catch your attention. Remodelista covers the step by step DIY process for creating a lathe wall. Or you can just have the folks at Jersey Ice Cream Co. come and install it themselves. FYI you cover travel expenses. Maybe you want to get ambitious and create a living wall. The folks at Greenworks have a variety of products to stimulate growth on this subject.

What’s most important is that you love the effort that you put into creating your accent, The Wall, no matter what it might be. Once I asked a client, Helene, what she wanted at the end of her remodel as far as finished product. She replied “I want to walk into the room and my heart to sing.” I loved that description. So here’s to Helene and all of you creating interesting walls, I hope your heart is singing.

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