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Series: The Art of Home . . . Intentional + Inspired Living

Simply be . . . . yourself . . . . .at home.
Leave the work and worries at the door.
Breath deep. One time . . again . . . and again.
Give heartfelt hellos to loved ones . . . and pets.
Slow down. . . . Relax . . . . take your shoes off.
Turn off your phone. . . Play some music.. . and
You’ve begun your Human Energy Recharge.

Welcome the series on the Art of Home. For my spring break, no travel plans. Just staying at home and popping out a series of articles around all aspects of the Art of Home, intentional and inspired living in YOUR space. Everyone has a space that they call their own no matter how grand or significant it is – it’s yours.

Why is your space so important? What happens when your cell phone dies? It’s not a trick question. Yes, you find your charger and plug it in. Battery recharges. And your home, your space is the same thing for you. As soon as your walk in the door, your space should begin rapidly recharging your human energy. Images of illuminating charging bars inside of you dance in my head. Think of your space as important a lifeline to getting filled up as your cell phone to its charger.

Getting filled up is the Art of Home. Art, not in the physical or visual sense of home but rather along the lines of the Arts as the definition of the Arts encompasses a broad array of disciplines and appeals like visual arts, literary arts, culinary arts and the performing arts. The list goes on. Same for our Arts, it entails the look of the physical space, the sounds vibrating, the food we prepare and our state of mind.

To kick of the series, I am sharing with you where I get ideas and inspiration on the Art of Home.

DWELL: Magazine –  Print, Online and Blog. Their approach to living ~ “We want to demonstrate that a modern house is a comfortable one.” It’s about  “owning furniture and products that are exceptionally well designed, and still being a regular human being” to them. I like Dwell’s approach to architecture and design. Very real and attainable.

REAL SIMPLE: Magazine –  Print, Online and Blog. It’s described as the magazine about a simpler life, home, body, and soul. In the current issue, I am immediately drawn to What’s Your Paint Color Say About You?  It covers many topics beyond home and organizing. They have a strong photographic sense that inspires good composition and thoughtfulness in design.

WHOLE LIVING: Magazine –  Print, Online and Blog. Here’s how Whole Living articulates their focus and intent, it’s your “home for living a healthy, meaningful life.” Overall, I find myself hunting for topics related to home since their primary focus is directed to “greening” the home. Yet, there’s a real gem in the blog under Yoga, which has special topics titled “Yoga Off The Mat“. Love to read these articles by Sophie Herbert who clearly understands human energy recharging and the Art of Home.

I want to know  your favorite “ART OF HOME” . . .and what that means to you. Leave me a comment!

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog!! Love yours!

    April 16, 2012

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