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Superbowl Sunday = Need for Perfect Man Chair

Was Archie Bunker’s easy chair the first incarnation of the Man Chair? Perhaps you want to surprise him the perfect Man Chair. Where do you start? Or you are the guy wanting to take the lead on finding that one chair that you claim as your own. My first piece of advice is open up your sources and set no deadlines. If it’s Monday and you want this chair for this weekend’s Superbowl Sunday, sorry but you are likely setting yourself up for failure. If you are at the Furniture Bazaar Warehouse for their one-day special sale, you are limiting your options and will regret it in the long term.

Now it’s time to get down to basics. Do you have a good idea where this special chair is going to go? Is it going to replace an existing one? Is the room layout well defined? The more you have all the other variables somewhat set, it helps to narrow your focus. It can be a daunting task use the Man Chair as the sole inspiration piece of the whole room. Yet sometimes, that is the goal for the Man Cave. It’s The Chair.

Here are a few guidelines for your Man Chair selection:

Sundance Ogden Leather Chair $1,995

  1. Color and Texture –Appeal to the Man and to the setting. Try larger prints, stripes, solids.  The #1 fabric for chair is leather and the good news  consider leather that are neutrals. There tend to go with anything! What are neutrals? Gray, Black, some browns. Stay away from browns that are too red or yellow.

    Ethan Allen Linear Recliner $1,449

  2. Scale –Once again. Consider the Man and the setting. Big Man = Big, Chair but will Big fit the rest of the furniture and the room. What’s the balance?  Sometimes a smaller scale can be found in a more contemporary store. That can work as a cross over piece that does not draw too much attention.

    Eames® Lounge and Ottoman +$4,500

  3. Resting –This is a chair that requires a higher back – something to lean your head back and the eyes. Whenever I caught my dad sleeping in his chair, he rattled awake and announced, “Just resting the eyelids, not really asleep.”  Equally, there’s a need to have something for the feet. Maybe it’s a Stool, a coffee table, or a recliner.

    Saarinen End Table $599.00

  4. Replenish– The perfect ac·coutrement to the chair is a side table. To finish off the space, find a side table that relates in correct height to the arm height. This is the key landing area for where you land a drink or the newspaper.
  5. The Special Case:Recliners: Bottom line, they are tricky. There are many recliners that take over and scream a style far different than your setting.  FRAZIER Photo.  The recliner meets most all the Man Chair requirements. With the right attention to color, texture and scale, you can find the perfect recliner for your space. Maybe consider the Streeter from Crate and Barrel.
  6. Price: Always keep your pocketbook in check when making purchases for your space. Yes, invest in good quality and pay extra for that, it can go and grow with you. However, be realistic, if your budget is tight, you can still achieve your Man Chair goal. Shop Craigslist or stop by IKEA and try out the Poang Lounge.
  7. Don’t over do it! Most importantly, have fun but let’s not get carried away!
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  1. Teri Z #

    Love this – very clever. And yes, I think Archie (or my grandpa who had a “chair”) started it all.

    February 2, 2012

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