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Outside the Bedroom Window

Your bedroom, the place of rest and restoration. It’s your most personal space inside the home.  It’s no surprise that when we are rested, we operated better during the day. We are able to present our best selves to others and the world. Let’s start the morning entry into the world. What do you see when you wake up and look around? Is there any daylight at all? If not, once you get a shade cracked or a light on, settle yourself back in bed and glance around, all the way around. What do you see? Are the items and arrangements of all the things that are a personal reflection of who you really are? Are there objects that inspire you or bring up a fond memory? Is your favorite color present? Can you see a piece of artwork that you are fond of? Let’s explore ways to ensure your most personal space indeed reflects and recharges the most personal parts of you.

Take a critical eye to your space. Here’s some suggestions for your bedroom.

Carrie's Bedroom from Sex and the City

  1. One word, Tidy! Who wants to wake up to a mess? Before going to bed, ensure the area around you is clean, organized and with enough room to move around. Take out anything that does not have to be in your bedroom, give yourself some breathing room.  In photo, Carrie’s bedroom from Sex and the City is still tidy even though there are many little items all around. Definitely a lot of all around eye-candy from the bed view.
  2. Cozy seating area

    Furnish with comfort and rest as the primary goal. Is the closet big enough to have the dresser inside it? Is there space for a small sitting chair and lamp for reading? If you have a desk, do you keep the top free of all papers and piles? Put away all those mental reminders that we always will have a to-do list waiting for us. Find a new place for the exercise bike.

  3. Photo : Dim Balsam

    The bedroom is for resting and couples together-time. It’s not the movie theatre. Yes, some people will resist but in creating a haven, the television goes back into the den. It’s a stimulant and should be part of the social and public area of the house  For the bedroom, read, play or listen to music and most important sleep. You will improve your sleep habits immensely by keeping the bedroom television free.

  4. Photo : Ngoc Minh Ngo

    Create visually appealing spots to look at. Use a wall to hang pictures of places and people who you love, perhaps that’s a great inspiration on why you are getting out of bed to start your day. Don’t worry about make the designer room. This is about your likes and style. Solicit help only in pulling together color and composition. The actual contents should be your key decisions and influence. If you share a room, ensure that both people have items that reflect their taste.

  5. What’s outside the bedroom window?Don’t limit the views of the room to the walls. If you have windows, spend a little time adding pieces in your line of sight that will fascinate your morning’s eye. Have fun with it and play with colors and textures.

    Looking outside my bedroom window

And that’s all there is to consider this morning. . .

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