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When to Add Vintage or Reclaimed?

It’s the green thing to do. Re-use or resurrect an old discarded item and invigorate new life and purpose into it. When does it make sense to use a reclaimed item in your design scheme? Surprisingly, the answer is almost always. For instance, many of the reclaimed materials go well with a modern and clean look. The naturalness of the material compliments a simple design. In a more traditional kitchen setting, a large whitewash root bowl or platter suggests fresh ingredients. Most importantly, find a reclaimed or vintage item that evokes a strong positive reaction inside of you and you’ll be happy to see it as walk into the room.

Here are some examples of materials mixing in various environments.

Photo Source:Room and Board


Reclaimed wood beams shaped into an ideal end table in this contemporary living room.

Source: Room and Board.
Product Name: Reclaimed Timber Table/Stool
Price: $319.00

Photo Source: Sundance Catalog


This classic distressed Adirondack elegantly charms the front porch of any Martha’s Vineyard estate or the backyard of the bungalow in Santa Monica.

Source: Sundance Catalog
Name: Distressed Adirondack chair and footstool
Price: $595.00 + $225.00

Photo Source: Parilament, A Creative company, Portland Oregon


A creative graphic company who took workplace recycling to a whole new level. This collaborative work table, a combination of reclaimed wood and materials, was built onsite.

Source: Parilament, A Creative company, Portland Oregon

Product Available: Willow and Stone


A vintage Vacant lock on a newly remodeled bathroom adds a flair of craftsmanship.

Source: Willow and Stone (Internet only)
Product: Vacant Engaged Lock, in Three different finishes
Price: Apprx $100 USD. Sold and shipped from England.

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