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Yin your Yang Space

Is your room balanced? Do you have too much Yang material or too little? Do you even know? Ideally, a balanced room is one you naturally gravitate towards and feel good when you are in it. In the world of Feng Shui, the masculine and female are presented through color, size, texture, and composition. Unknowingly, you might prefer materials that are more Yang than Yin or vice versa. To bring a room together like a fine symphony, you want a representation of both the masculine and feminine, for what would Mozart’s Symphony #29 be like if only played with the bass and oboe but no violins?

Yang materials represent what are considered to be masculine qualities. For instance, large white walls with no details or pictures are masculine. The sizes of objects are big and linear. Simplicity, clean lines, limited use of materials and bright light are seen as Yang. Hard surfaces and warm colors are considered Yang materials. An example of a Yang room is an ultra modern room with two story white walls, concrete floors, a fireplace made of large limestone slab, and one rectangle linear sectional sofa made of grey leather.

Yin objects embrace what is considered the feminine. They are small, delicate, and patterned. Dark and cool colors are Yin. Repetition of objects and abstract shapes are the female qualities in space design. Many layers and different types of lights are Yin characteristics. Lastly, soft, cuddly and heavily textured items are Yin materials. To envision a Yin room, imagine walking into a very small Victorian sitting parlor with tiny flower motif wallpaper, many pieces of small scale furniture all with carved wood feet, pillows on the couch made of hand embroidery, a Persian rug, and Tiffany stained glass lamps.

The goal is balance or representation of both types of elements in order to create harmony in a space. In the following images, see the balance between the Yin and Yang elements.

YANG: Red glass rectangle sink, red strip in rectangle mirror, soft color of the walls, white porcelain toilet. Metal texture of faucet. YIN: Dainty crystal pendant lights, subtle painted stripes of alternating wall color, small honey onyx translucent floor tiles with red glass accents added at random. Repetition of three small hand towels with animal print. Abstract shape of faucet.

YANG: White stucco fireplace and couch base. Large-scale wood rectangle coffee table. Hardiness of stone wall and slate floor. Solid color rectangle cushions and large accent pillows. Colors inside the artwork are Yang. YIN: Color of the cushion and the large accent pillows are Yin. The subject matter of the art, abstract. Repetition of the leafy plants and petite candles. The smaller leaf print pillows. The random pattern of the stone wall is Yin.

YANG: Flat panel maple cabinets, use of metal in appliances, door frames and cabinet hardware. YIN: Matchstick mosaic of black and blue backsplash, Black countertops and frosted glass add a contrast to the simplicity of the light color rectilinear kitchen.

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  1. Oooo me too! Me too! These are absolutely gorgeous! love them all!
    red onyx tile

    March 14, 2013

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