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Focus on Flourishing

To flourish through your day, how wonderful does that sound?

Dr. Martin Seligman, Director of the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania, recently released his new book, Flourish: A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-being. He explains that embracing the five pillars for well-being, which he calls PERMA, individuals flourish in their lives.

  1. Opt for Positive Emotions over Negative Ones. Choose people, places and things that create positive feelings and experiences. If you wrestling with dissatisfaction at work, perhaps it’s time to dust off the resume and network. Schedule an end of the day hike with your favorite gal-pal.
  2. Create Flow in your Day with Engagement. Seek hobbies, careers, and activities that excite you.  If you are not interested and engaged, why are you doing it? Are you having fun?
  3. Foster Relationships and Connect with Others: Develop and nurture good relationships in your life. If they are not adding joy, perhaps it’s time to make a change or transition out. Have you emailed your favorite cousin lately? Is there someone to mentor at work?
  4. Recognize Meaning in your Day. Begin each day with purpose whether it is finishing a work assignment, volunteering, or navigating the optimal welfare of your children. Have a reason to get out of bed and say, “it matters if I show up to.”
  5. Toot your Horn on Accomplishments. Take time to stop and look at your achievements. See that your contribution is needed and made a difference even if it is not publicly recognized.

“These elements, which we choose for their own sake in our efforts to flourish, are the rock-bottom fundamentals to human well-being. What is the good life? It is pleasant, engaged, meaningful, achieving, and connected,” says Dr. Seligman. He contends that only through these types of activities and mental exercises we train our brains to increase positive thoughts and distract depression. Add a little flourish to your day!

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