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How to Refresh Any Room

Do you ever feel in a rut? Need a little something to ignite some extra energy into you mood? The cure might be as simple as extra focus on a bedroom, a family room or a work cubicle. Here’s how to take one room and use that to recharge your human battery:

  1. Clean and De-clutter: Spend thirty minutes doing a deep cleaning by vacuuming, dusting, tossing unwanted and unused items, and finding items to donate. Make sure every thing has a home and belongs there. If not, do you need it?
  2. Rearrange Items: Try moving all or some of your furniture to a new place.  Consider anything is possible in a new layout. If you are limited in moving big items, try hanging a new piece of artwork or changing pictures from room to room. Add to your desk, a few new photographs of people or places that you love in a treasured frame.
  3. Tantalize with Aromas: Be diligent in assessing old or smelly items that need to go, maybe those gym shoes? Take out all the trash and wash the bottom of the bin. Open the windows and doors for a brief period to invite new potential. Use a candle or diffuser from Archipelago Botanicals, a little expensive but well worth it. Try the candle scents: Havana or Stonehenge. Add fresh cut lilacs, roses or eucalyptus branches.
  4. Find Your Sparkle: Add a piece or two as fresh focal point with color, texture, sound or light. Try a new extra cuddly soft throw blanket. Add a pop of your favorite color with a vase or pillow. Uplight a dark corner with a small halogen accent uplight on a timer hidden behind a plant or chair. Hook up your ipod to speakers or try the Pink Martini station on Pandora.
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