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Welcome Home, Divine . . .

Are you a constant energy-out person? If you are juggling any or all of these: long work days, social commitments, charitable tasks, raising children, education/professional development, home and garden chores, personal finance management, and let’s not forget gym time, then you are likely energy imbalanced. You fall into bed exhausted and the alarm always rings too early. When do you get to truly fill up with energy-in?

We are a multi-tasking generation and culture that is constantly in motion and connected to technological devices. We drain our human battery daily. Just as we desperately seek our cell phone charger to re-juice our mobile device, we need to find our individual and unique sources to Rapidly Recharge our Human Energy.

Over the last seven years as an interior designer, I have worked with clients in their home to create a surrounding that activates that Rapid Recharge as soon as they walk in their front door. I’ve learned that the recharge is indeed personal and not limited to the home and its furnishings. Restoring balance inside comes in many forms and dimensions. I also see a “deadening” of people inside because they just can’t store up enough energy to replenish themselves. As an artist and writer, I attempt to spark people through the use of art and word to stimulate deeper thinking.

When human energy is balanced and flowing, we open ourselves to living a soulful and authentic life.

Start Recharging and Restoring Now.

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